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    This is not an application, only an inquiry.

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    Foodservice includes: Bakery, Café, Dining Service, E- Commerce, Pharmacy


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    After reviewing your inquiry, Global Trade International will forward you our new customer setup packet along with the Global Trade International Distributor Agreement for your review and signature. Once you return these documents to us, you will be assigned a Global Trade International account number and an Account Specialist who will provide information, research product availability, process orders, and ensure that your order is shipped in a timely and proper fashion. Account setup may take 7 – 10 business days.

    • Global Trade International is unable to deliver to a residential address.
    • Our minimum order requirement is $1,000. Weekly orders are required to maintain an active account.
    • Global Trade International Easy Options is an eCommerce extension of Global Trade that serves small to medium size businesses with no minimum order or frequency requirements. To learn more about Global Trade’s Easy Options visit https://globaltradeintl.net